Child Protection Credential

Child Protection is a complex and changing environment. Providing specific development and training in child protection has a positive impact on the children and families needing to access child protection.

The AASW identified a clear need for a credential to enable Child Protection workers to continue their learning beyond their degree in social work into more specialised skills.

Benefits of a Child Protection Credential

Make a difference
Accredited Child Protection Social Workers develop policy and design and deliver services to children involved in the child protection system.
Working in Child Protection can be emotionally difficult, highly complex and contested. When you gain a child protection accreditation, your high-level communication skills and your ability to safeguard children and encourage change is recognised.
Holding the Child Protection Credential is public recognition to your peers, the public and future employers that you have the skills and experience to undertake this very demanding and complex role.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying

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