Clinical Credential

Clinical social workers are highly skilled and specialised with deep knowledge and experience on psychosocial and behavioural problems and disorders.

We know that clinical social work is one of the more complex areas of practice and that clinical experience and training is highly valued by employers. The AASW has created the clinical credential to specifically recognise the clinical social workers as having an advanced level of experience and skills.

The Clinical Social Worker Credential is the symbol that highlights these skills to employers, clients and the community, creating confidence.

Benefits of a Clinical Credential

To be eligible to apply for a clinical credential you require a higher level of experience than any other social work specialist credential. The clinical credential is a way to be formally recognised for these unique specific clinical skills.
Clinical accreditation ensures clarity for the profession and the broader community, demonstrates the professional expertise of clinical social workers, and enables the AASW to advocate for greater recognition of and opportunities for clinical social workers.
As a clinical credential demonstrates a level of mastery in social work, you are identified as a leader in your field.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying

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