Mental Health Credential

The Mental Health credential is a highly valued acknowledgement of specialist social work skills and experience in Mental Health which is highly regarded by employers working in Mental Health.

The AASW also advocated for this accreditation to give social workers the ability to provide services under Medicare. As a result, mental health services and support provided by social workers is now more accessible to the community.

The process of assessing social workers for a mental health credential through the AASW is endorsed by the federal government. The credential enables the accredited social worker to apply to Medicare Australia to provide services if they choose.

Benefits of A Mental Health credential

Access government funded programs and initiatives
Accredited Mental Health social workers can access referrals under government funded programs.
Obtain an Allied Health Medicare Provider number
Accredited Mental Health social workers can provide Focussed Psychological Strategies (FPS) services through the Better Access To Mental Health Care, Chronic Disease Management and Access to Allied Psychological Services Programs.
Make a difference
Become part of a community of specialists, contributing to improved social policy via the submissions that the Association makes to government, independent enquiries, including national and state senate inquiries and royal commissions.
A Mental Health credential is highly regarded by employers and an important signal to employers and other professionals of your skills and experience leading to career opportunities.
Obtain referrals
Having a Mental Health credential encourages referrals from GPs and other professionals.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying

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