Family Violence Credential

Social workers play a critical and leading role supporting people affected by Family Violence.

The Family Violence Credential was created to help the community and other stakeholders distinguish social workers who possess specialist skills and experience in the complex and highly sensitive area of family violence.

Following the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, the AASW prioritised the creation of a specific Family Violence Credential with the input of sector knowledge leaders and practitioners.

Benefits of a Family Violence Credential

Specialised family violence social workers are employed in senior roles. Your accreditation recognises you as leader in this area of social work.
Holding a family violence accreditation means you are invited to contribute to policy and change when it comes to the crisis response of violence against women.
Holding the Family Violence Credential is public recognition to your peers, the public and future employers that you have the skills and experience to undertake this very demanding and complex role.

Everything You Need to Know About Applying

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